Video: Wynton Marsalis Septet rehearsing in Marciac 2007

Posted on November 29th, 2007 in iTunes, Podcast, Video | Tags: itunes, podcast, video

On August 5 – 6, 2007, Wynton was rehearsing with his Septet for the August 7, 2007, concert in Marciac. The following video-clips will take you behind the scenes, during the rehearsals, to appreciate the musicians discussing and playing the beautiful music of the Marciac Suite.
Septet personnel was: Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Wycliffe Gordon (trombone); Victor Goines (tenor sax, bass clarinet); Sherman Irby (alto sax); Jonathan Batiste (piano); Rodney Whitaker (bass); Herlin Riley (drums).

(Quicktime 7 is required to view the clips – Right-click on the link to save the video-clip on your computer. If you save them with Internet Explorer, be sure to save the file with the .m4v extension and not .mov, becasue IE automatically changes it).

- Loose Duck (05:31 min. – 44.5 mb) – Marciac Fun (02:33 min. – 20.4 mb) – B is for Boussaget (06:22 min. – 51.1 mb)
(From the album: The Marciac Suite)

- What Have You Done (05:30 min. – 44.5 mb)
(From the album Unforgivable Blackness)

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