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Wynton Marsalis with members of JLCO in New York

Wynton Marsalis with members of JLCO
Event Jump Start (world premiere)
Ensemble Wynton Marsalis with members of JLCO
Date Monday, May 1st, 1995
Time 8:00pm
Venue Metropolitan Opera House
Address 30 Lincoln Center Plaza
Location New York, NY, United States

Twyla Tharp commissioned jazz musician and composer Wynton Marsalis to create a new score for Jump Start. Marsalis and his band played live during the premiere season at the Metropolitan Opera House. The dancers approach this high-octane dance with a spirited attack. Running crosses interrupt athletic solos and unison phrases, generating an excited, jovial energy onstage.

Composer: Wynton Marsalis
Live music by: Wynton Marsalis Orchestra
Costume designer: Isaac Mizrahi
Lighting designer: Jennifer Tipton
Commissioner: American Ballet Theatre

Dancers: Tamara Barden, Shawn Black, Sandra Brown, Martha Butler, Kathleen Moore, Ashley Tuttle, Gil Boggs, Griff Braun, Andrei Dokukin, Guillaume Graffin, Vladislav Kalinin, Keith Roberts, John Selya



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