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Wynton Marsalis Sextet in Marciac

Wynton Marsalis Sextet
Event Jazz in Marciac
Ensemble Wynton Marsalis Sextet
Date Monday, August 10th, 2015
Time 11:30pm
Venue Chapiteau
Address Chemin de ronde
Location Marciac, France

New Orleans Classics
LIVE webcast on wyntonmarsalis.org/live




  1. Big Fat Hen
  2. Twelve’s It
  3. Jig’s Jig (with Shannon Powell and Herlin Riley)
  4. Guy Lafitte
  5. Uptown Ruler
  6. Down Home With Homey


  1. Goodbye
  2. Moscow Blues (with Joey Alexander, Aaron Diehl and Sullivan Fortner)
  3. Knozz-Moe-King