Wynton playing in Marciac

On August 5 and 6, 2005, Wynton will be in Marciac (France), to play at the famous european jazz festival.

The August 5 concert is entiltled My Brasilian Heart and Wynton will be with a special ensamble made by:
Ze Nogueira (soprano sax); Emile Parisien (alto sax); Olivier Temime (tenor sax); Frédéric Couderc (baritone saxophone); Lionel Segui trombone; Daniel Zimmerman (trombone); Hervé Meschinet (flute); Vladimir Dubois (french horn); Marcos Nimrichter (piano); Mario Adnet (guitar); Carlos Henriquez (bass); Herlin Riley (drums); Cyro Baptista (percussion)

On the August 6 concert, Wynton will play with strings:
The CNR Instrumental Ensemble from Toulouse directed by Bob Sadin.
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Eric Prost (tenor and soprano sax); Marcos Nimrichter (piano); Carlos Henriquez (bass); Herlin Riley (drums)

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  1. Much Respect to you Mr. Marsalis!!!! I watch you last night on MSNBC. God Bless YOU!!! You hit the nail on the head.

    God Bless You, Tim McGraw, Harry Connick, Jr., and Aaron Neville for doing all that you are doing. I live in New York City and work at Island Def Jam. Anything I can do to help please reach out.

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    nichell delvaille on Sep 2nd, 2005 at 11:45am