Photo and video: Wynton playing at memorial service for Ed Bradley

A long list of entertainers, journalists, politicians and musicians from across the country packed New York’s Riverside Church for the memorial service, reflecting Bradley’s achievements and diverse interests.
Wynton played “Just a Closer Walk to Thee.”

Watch to some moment from the memorial service:

This is a transcript of Wynton’s speech for Ed Bradley:

“Oh, man. You know, they say that soul is when you have the ability to make other people feel better about being alive, regardless of their condition, and he projected that in such abundance. The level of his integrity as a man. And then, above those things, the sense of humor that makes you not be elitist or lofty. He was just as down home, somebody who could take their shoes off and sit and just talk to you like somebody in a barber shop. He could also be as erudite as the top professor in the halls of erudition and scholarship. He possessed that rare combination. And then the feeling, the humanity, the feeling and the sense of culture, of history, of the grandeur of being alive. He had that, and he was willing to give that to you.”

Wynton Marsalis playing at Ed Bradley memorial service

Wynton Marsalis playing at Ed Bradley memorial service

Wynton Marsalis playing at Ed Bradley memorial service

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  1. Dear Mr Marsalis,

    I just returned from a mission with my church from The Gulf Coast in helping with the Hurricane Katrina effort.We helped two families get back in their homes and I thought about all of your efforts too.We felt very blessed to meet such great folks in the Ocean Springs-Pascaguala area.

    I have started playing my horn again and pulled out one of your old albums-not cd -but album.Longtime fan…I remember seeing Mr Ellis Marsalis while at VCU taking a keyboard class-he is still talked about around here.

    Anyway,hope you and your family have a great holiday season and 2008.You are a great talent.

    If you ever stop by Richmond I’ll be glad to treat you too lunch anytime.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Person

    Mark M Person on Nov 25th, 2007 at 7:59pm

  2. I really enjoyed the music at Mr. Bradley’s memorial. I am a graduate of Mr. Bradley’s alma mater and a proud recipient of his award at the school for journalism. It was the most fitting memorial I have ever attended. God bless.

    Andre Taylor on Nov 25th, 2007 at 8:21am