Wynton invited to visit Antigua and Barbuda islands

Wynton has been invited to check out the many attractions of Antigua and Barbuda as the island’s tourism department joined him recently for his “Red Hot Holiday Stomp.”
Antigua and Barbuda’s Ministry of Tourism in the US partnered with Wynton in hosting the concert, which attracted over 1,200 fans and jazz aficionados to the Frederick B. Rose Theatre.

Antigua and Barbuda’s culinary master, Chef Murphy brought the house down with his delectable appetizers and Wynton stopped by the Antigua and Barbuda display to sample lobster bisque and “drunk and disorderly” fruit.
Wynton says he has now been inspired to visit the twin island destination after reviewing photos of the pristine beaches in “A Little Bit of Paradise” and samples of Barbuda pink sand that were presented to him by US Director of Tourism, Derede Samuel-Whitlock.

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  1. Wynton will love Antigua.I hope he can make a visit to Crossroads Centre,Eric Clapton’s treatment center for addiction.Antigua has a terrible problem with this and Crossroads needs the exposure.The island is beautiful.

    Catherine on Jan 10th, 2007 at 10:49pm

  2. I hope this will inspire some new and fresh music from Wynton just as Marciac did.

    CJD on Dec 19th, 2006 at 11:04am