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Selections From Swinging Into The 21St

To celebrate Wynton’s 50th birthday, highlights from those nine albums plus his career-defining masterpiece All Rise have been selected by the artist for one new compilation: SWINGING INTO THE 21st!

From chamber music to studio and live dates with his septet, jazz and blues tributes, film music, scores for ballet, modern classical and orchestral works, to some bona fide swing, Swingin’ Into The 21st also showcases collaborations with a diverse group of musicians and displays Marsalis’ extraordinary musical range.

Selections From Swinging Into The 21St

Album Info

Ensemble Multiple Ensembles
Release Date October 18th, 2011
Formats CD, Digital Download
Genre Jazz Recordings


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Track Listing

Track Length Preview
The Cat in the Hat is Back – From: Selections from the Village Vanguard Box Set 9:22 Play
Loose Duck – From: The Marciac Suite 7:16 Play
Northbound-Southbound – From: Big Train 2:50 Play
A Hundred and a Hundred, a Hundred and Twelve – From: All Rise 7:53 Play
Observation Car – From: Big Train 5:05 Play
Mademoiselle D’Gascony – From: The Marciac Suite 6:04 Play
Morning Song – From: Reeltime 2:33 Play
Awakening – From: Sweet Release & Ghost Story 2:17 Play
Rampart St. Row House Rag – From: At the Octoroon Balls 4:54 Play
King Porter Stomp – From: Standard Time, Vol. 6: Mr. Jelly Lord 3:15 Play
The Pearls – From: Standard Time, Vol. 6: Mr. Jelly Lord 3:54 Play
Hackensack – From: Standard Time, Vol. 4: Marsalis Plays Monk 3:08 Play
Green Chimneys – From: Standard Time, Vol. 4: Marsalis Plays Monk 4:42 Play
Juba and O’Brown Squaw – From: Selections from The Village Vanguard Box Set 4:48 Play

Liner Notes

1999 was a very important year in my development. I had been recording for CBS Records and Sony Music for almost 20 years. This relationship allowed for the unprecedented release of 9 recordings. Don Ienner, then president of the label, agreed to support this volume of artistic production despite its economic risk. I viewed his support as recognition of and respect for my contribution to the label and my unwavering dedication to the art of jazz and to music. We called it Swinging into the 21st and it was an optimistic statement on the upcoming century. I was more than fortunate to have Gabrielle Armand as project manager. She wrote the overall plan and release
schedule, and oversaw the execution of it with the intensity of a mother. I owe these releases to her tenacity and belief.

That entire year, from January 1st to the performance of All Rise with the New York Philharmonic on December 29th, I worked every day from 5 in the morning until 1 or 2 the next morning. I was music, music, music. All Rise, which was not a part of the original release schedule, took literally 5 months of 20 hour days to compose. I was hearing so much music, my ears actually became hot and my inner ear was ringing and burning for the entire last month. A team of copyists and the professor of music, James Oliverio, were worn out trying to realize it.

This compilation presents selections from the Swinging into the 21st box set. Each album within this series features a different ensemble and style of music, and a unique set of musical challenges. The one unifying factor is jazz which is the foundation of all that I do and hope to do.

Wynton Marsalis
June 2011


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