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  • Watch the exclusive first trailer for ‘Bolden,’ a jazzy movie from Wynton Marsalis

    Posted on February 6th, 2019 in

    Cornet player Charles “Buddy” Bolden was a father of jazz, the first king of New Orleans music and largely a mystery of a man. Now a new film from another icon, Wynton Marsalis, is paying tribute to the legend.   Keep reading »

  • HBO releases trailer for their new series “Treme”, featuring a selection from “Congo Square”

    Posted on March 19th, 2010 in Video | 1

    Ever since HBO’s critically acclaimed masterpiece ‘The Wire’ went off the air two years ago, fans have been waiting to see what creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer would come up with next.
    So when word came out that they were going to take on one of the most complicated issues in the country—the effort to rebuild New Orleans in the aftermath of 2005’s devastating Hurricane Katrina—fans and pundits alike were both intrigued by the idea and dismayed at the wait for the project to actually materialize. Could the team from ‘The Wire’ find their magic again? And, if so, could even they do the subject matter justice?

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  • Watch “Chops documentary” trailer

    Posted on May 8th, 2007 in Video | 12

    Each year the best high school jazz bands from across the United States compete at the prestigious Essentially Ellington Festival. Hosted by Wynton, this high-profile event offers an impressive preview of emerging jazz talents. In this documentary, filmmaker Brice Broder turns his lens on one Florida band who might just have what it takes to hit all the right notes and take home top honors at the world renowned jazz festival. Here you can watch to the trailer of this documentary.

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