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  • New Wynton, No Wonderland

    Posted on December 18th, 1987 in Review

    ON THE RECENT ALBUM “Carnaval,” jazz superstar Wynton Marsalis joins Donald Hunsberger and the Eastman Wind Ensemble in the kind of program that an American band might have played at the turn of the century from the bandstand in the town park. Marsalis plays technically showy cornet on this precisely arranged, nostalgic set of light classical and folk tunes.   Keep reading »

  • Wynton Marsalis Plays Cornet Showpieces

    Posted on March 25th, 1987 in Review

    Wynton Marsalis’s latest demonstration of classical virtuosity is a revival of showpieces written by, and for, the cornetists who led bands at the turn of the century.   Keep reading »

  • Making music with Wynton

    Posted on September 13th, 1985 in Review

    His trumpet may speak loudly, but Wynton Marsalis, the musical _wunderkind_ who has successfully straddled the jazz and classical worlds, has been spending the week in Rochester so quietly that few know he’s here.   Keep reading »