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  • Marsalis and Co.‘s Mellow Feeling

    Posted on August 21st, 1997 in Review

    Although trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, who won a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year for his jazz opera “Blood on the Fields,” is in greater demand than ever, he remains loyal to the small clubs that helped nurture his talent. That’s the good news. The bad news is his engagement at Blues Alley through Sunday night is sold out.   Keep reading »

  • Blues Alley Cat Wynton Marsalis

    Posted on December 13th, 1991 in Profiles & Interviews

    WYNTON MARSALIS has enjoyed an unusual relationship with the Blues Alley nightclub over the years. Not only has the jazz trumpeter recorded a live album there and conducted numerous workshops with the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra, but he continues to play in the Georgetown club every December even though he now has the commercial clout to headline at Wolf Trap and other theaters.   Keep reading »

  • Marsalis, Plunging Into The Blues

    Posted on December 12th, 1991 in Review

    Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis has explored various facets of blues music on several recent albums, but Tuesday night at Blues Alley he briefly played host to a true master of the form: Joe Williams.   Keep reading »

  • Sallying through the Alley with Marsalis

    Posted on August 19th, 1988 in Review

    AS PROLIFIC as he is outspoken, trumpeter Wynton Marsalis recently added a two-record set to his burgeoning discography: “Live at Blues Alley,” recorded in December 1986 at the Georgetown club. A swan song of sorts, presumably the last recording by a very promising quartet, the album is nearly as noteworthy for the playing of pianist Marcus Roberts as it is for Marsalis’ turn toward a more earthy and relaxed form of lyricism.   Keep reading »

  • Wynton Marsalis, Young Lion of Jazz

    Posted on December 15th, 1984 in Profiles & Interviews

    A year ago, even if people hadn’t heard the prodigious trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, they’d probably heard of him. Then, on last year’s Grammy awards, when Marsalis became the first instrumentalist to win “best soloist” awards in both jazz and classical categories, they also heard from him.   Keep reading »

  • Family Affair: The Marsalis Magic At Blues Alley

    Posted on January 10th, 1984 in Review

    Watching the two Marsalis brothers play with their father at Blues Alley last night, one could almost imagine a similar scene seven years ago at their New Orleans home when the father was tutoring the two high schoolers in the basics of bop.   Keep reading »

  • Wynton Marsalis Quintet at Blues Alley

    Posted on January 26th, 1983 in Review

    As Wynton Marsalis no doubt knows, nothing is potentially more dangerous in the arts than early critical acclaim. Last year the young trumpeter skyrocketed from the ranks of promising newcomers to become the recipient of several prestigious jazz awards. Now he’s faced with the challenge of living up to those honors and the ensuing publicity.   Keep reading »