Wynton with Yacub Addy at the news conference in New Orleans

Wynton opened a weeklong residency in New Orleans with a press conference at Basin Street Station.
The visit, part of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s efforts to help New Orleans recover after Hurricane Katrina, will include master classes, clinics, workshops, and performances. On April 23, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Ghana’s Odadaa! will present the world premiere of Congo Square, a new work by Marsalis and Yacub Addy, the leader of Odadaa!

The 80-minute cross-cultural work was inspired by the public square in New Orleans where Africans gathered to play the music of their homeland in the 18th and 19th centuries. According to Jazz at Lincoln Center, the site was the only place in the United States where the regular performance of African music was permitted during the slavery era.

After its premiere in Louis Armstrong Park, Congo Square will be heard on tour in Florida, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. It will get its New York City debut on May 4 at JALC’s Rose Hall as part of a series focusing on New Orleans jazz.

Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy
Yacub Adda, left, as Wynton Marsalis listens at a news conference in New Orleans

Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy
acub Addy shakes hands with mayor Ray Nagin as Wynton Marsalis looks on during the news conference

Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy
Wynton Marsalis looks at Ghana-born musician Yacub Addy during the news conference

Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy
Wynton Marsalis hugs Ghana-born musician Yacub Addy as Louisiana Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu

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  1. The “Congo Square” cd is available for purchase at on the home page. Yes, Rochester. That was a great show!!

    Karen on Nov 11th, 2007 at 3:42pm

  2. Please advise name of album from summer 2007 tour.
    Have not been able to locate. Could not purchase at Rochester NY concert as I was on crutches and couldn’t get to sales tent. Marsalis and Congo Square – what a dynamite performance.

    Anne Cahill on Nov 11th, 2007 at 1:16pm

  3. Deep and beautiful comment.

    careba on Nov 4th, 2007 at 11:00am

  4. I love Yacub Addy’s music. I am always excited to listen to his music “Ta Ta Tei”. That CD sends me back to the warmth of my roots.

    I am pleased that Wynton recognizes this, and I believe could make this connection too.
    I did not realize until I saw his photo that he is an elder, his music is full of youthful vigor.
    I can see from the way Wynton looks at Addy that he has a lot of respect and admiration for him.
    More of these kinds of historical and cultural connections between Africans in diaspora and mainland Africa.
    I could not help noticing the resemblance between Winton and Addy. Similar facial structure and expressions.

    ekpuk on Nov 3rd, 2007 at 5:24am