Wynton Marsalis talks a treasured gift, mentorship, Pulitzer Prize win, jazz, and trumpet - Speaking Soundly

Wynton Marsalis is a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, nine-time Grammy Award winner, Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the greatest trumpeter of his generation, but to our host, David Krauss, Wynton always be his teacher, mentor, and family friend. Wynton Marsalis and David chat about the benefits of music and Wynton’s musical development, and discuss a treasured gift. This episode will make David’s mom especially proud!

Photograph of Wynton Marsalis by Frank Stewart.

The Speaking Soundly theme song is composed by Joseph Saba/Stewart Winter and used by permission of Videohelper.
Speaking Soundly was co-created by David Krauss and Jessica Handelman.
This interview has been edited and condensed to fit the time format.
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