Live HD Broadcast of Wynton’s premiere of “Swing Symphony” via the Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall

Even if you don’t have plans to join Wynton in person in Berlin, Germany, this June, you can still be a part of the world premiere of Wynton’s “Swing Symphony” performance on June 10 with the world-renowned Berliner Philharmoniker, when the concert will be broadcast live through the Berliner Philharmoniker’s acclaimed Digital Concert Hall.
You can sign up for the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall and purchase broadcast tickets to view the concert live. Broadcast tickets are 9.90 EUR and are valid for the live broadcast only and does not include subsequent access to the performance’s recording. Use the code: WYN785 for a 10% discount.

The Digital Concert Hall opens 15 minutes prior to the performance.
Click Here for More Info and to Purchase Broadcast Tickets

The concert and live HD broadcast will premiere Marsalis “Swing Symphony.” and will also include Stravinsky’s ballet music “Petruska”, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

The new Marsalis symphony, “Swing Symphony,” was commissioned by the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, and the Barbican Centre, London.

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  1. BTW,
    Beautiful photographies by master Frank Stewart showed on Wyn’s faceb…..and, between them, two master pieces nº.8 in performance 1 and nº.1 en rehersals with children….I could watch them again and again; also really tender pic 2 with children.

    careba on Jun 13th, 2010 at 5:00pm

  2. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frederique, such a vivid ans soulful description helps to know how it should have been ……enthusiasm…….euphoria(I consider jazz and swing conveys it in a higher degree than any other king of music)………satisfaction…..and proud for a hard work that results in a master piece of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t listen.
    Well, looking forward….and thanks again for your post.


    careba on Jun 11th, 2010 at 5:13am

  3. You can in a couple of days, buy (E 9.90) an archive pass for 48hrs that will give you the right to watch it as many times as you can, and will most likely be without minor, although a little frustrating technical glitches that were present (mostly on the video side) .
    This was simply BIOAUTIFUL, following pretty much the evolution of jazz to an earlier point, starting extremely well, letting people know there were in for something strong and beautiful. It was a balanced wedding of classical symphonic expression and jazz, with completely awesome classical players (their sounds !!! maaa, violins, cellos, flutes, brass, percussions….). Everybody soloed and oh boy Joe Temperly line (Bari Sax) was so soulful and MASTERFULLY delivered in his approach, both altos were deep down awesome (Sherman Irby and Ted Nash) , WindTon ;-) showed he can beautifully execute intricate musical creativity, Marcus Printup and Ryan Kysor were definitely there, as well as the Bones (Vincent Gardner and Cris Crenshaw).
    The violins were given some stricking swinging parts in par with the horns and and took us “tripping” so to speak (oh what a language for a classical symphony orchestra !). It did not felt like it was written for pure technicality and there was a lot of warmth in both the writing and the playing. Everybody loved it so much, that they applauded even after a particularly moving solo and in between movements.
    This was the result of deep seated intentions and long building musical dreams, lovingly delivered by everybody.
    (As we learn in the insightful interview before the show, it had been talked about 15 years ago) It was such a pleasure to see EVERY performer enthusiasm!!!!
    I can’t say I was stricken by any particular themes. There were some beautiful lines by various parts of the orchestra behind the “main lines” of the jalc, yet it was not an arrangement, as this “faux pas” had been crossed out by the participants (see their interview).
    I wish I could listen back to make sure I cover as much as possible, and render justice to the intentions and everybody.
    I can STRONGLY, STRONGLY encourage you to wait a couple of days and treat yourself to a 2 + hours program of the highest caliber, with first Petruschka by Stravinsky for the 1st hour, then the interview with Windton ;-) and Sir Rattle (about 15’ or so) , and finally the Swing Symphony for another hour or so. Get yourself a drink, a good chair, turn off the phone and ENJOY.
    The audience was raving and for an encore we got treated to a joyful blues with solos from everybody and some very spirited members of the Philarmonic, violin, french horn, clarinet.
    Everybody was happy, and smiling to no end…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A vibrant and living proof that creatif human and expressive hearts, can reach the artful hungry living soul in all of us. Bridges can be gapped.

    Frederique on Jun 10th, 2010 at 11:01pm

  4. Wow…
    wonderful composition and nice concert.

    Really good sound and video on berliner philharmonique web site ! more like this would be wonderful…like maybe marciac or ohter festival in live directly on the web ;-)

    to read you again for the next gig…


    Patrice B on Jun 10th, 2010 at 5:08pm

  5. Whished I could be there in person….but that’s life. If I get to manage technology (I’m not a handy one)it could substitute a little bit the real thing.


    In Wynton’s powerful swing we trust!.

    Amazing F.Stewart’s zenithal pics of Musicians, Wynton and Sir Rattle in battle field.
    Musical swinging spirit rules!.

    God bless Kaiser Wynton!

    All the best.
    Take care.

    careba on Jun 9th, 2010 at 7:41am