The Marsalis Family band hits the road

Inspired by a New Orleans concert in August 2001 celebrating patriarch Ellis Marsalis’ retirement from teaching at the University of New Orleans, a tour , a PBS special, a recording and a DVD are now in the works. The Marsalis family tour (check dates), kicks off on February 23.
It features Ellis Marsalis on piano, with sons Branford on saxophones, Wynton on trumpet, Delfeayo on trombone and Jason on drums, and the only non-family member, Reginald Veal on bass.
West Coast fans will have to be content with reproduced performances by this celebrated band of brothers and their father. The first entry is a CD chronicling the 2001 concert, titled “The Marsalis Family: A Jazz Celebration”, scheduled for release on Branford’s new independent record label, Marsalis Music, on Feb. 4. Harry Connick Jr., a longtime Marsalis associate, makes a guest appearance.

It was, says Delfeayo, a performance that “reflected our family collectively and individually.” Branford agrees, adding that “everybody came to play the music as well as they possibly could play it.”

A PBS presentation of the same concert, premiering on Feb. 20, visually illuminates those thoughts. And, finally, there will be a DVD version of the same performance, scheduled for spring, which will undoubtedly include all sorts of additional bits and pieces of outtakes, interviews, etc…, not on the CD or the special.

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  1. JUst like to contact other families playing music, God Bless, Tha Allen Family

    Pete Allen on Apr 26th, 2010 at 9:47am

  2. We had the pleasure of hearing Branford play last night in Raleigh. He had a great pianist with him, believe his first name was Joey. What a thrill. Will your family be in concert any time soon in the Triangle area? If so, we’ll be there!!!!!

    Bob and Barbara Baker...Durham, NC on Jun 16th, 2007 at 7:53pm

  3. that page on myspace has been created by a fan and his not owned officially by wynton.

    This is the official Wynton’s web site and fan club.

    Feel free to comments post, and participate in our forum with all Wynton’s friend.

    Thanks for your compliments ! Keep swinging !

    Luigi on Jun 11th, 2007 at 8:26am

  4. I would like to know how to belong to the Wynton Marsalis list of “friends” on website. I noticed that there are a number of people listed as “friends” of Mr. Marsalis and I would like to become one of them. I plan on asking my family for a copy of the DVD celebrating Mr. Ellis Marsalis retirement for Father’s Day. I cannot imagine a better gift from my family. I also just purchased on iTunes the latest cuts by Wynton on From the Plantation to the Penitentiary and find it to be extremely well produced, written and, of course, performed. I copied the tunes from iTunes to a CD and play it often as I drive around town. Being a composer myself, and having played and composed jazz since being in high school (1960), I have a deep and abiding love and respect for Wynton’s performances, speaking engagements and written literature. He is the best spokesperson for jazz and music altogether I have ever heard. Keep up the great work! There are a lot of us “out there” that are listening and trying to follow in Wynton’s footsteps, as much as is possible.

    Les Ruble on Jun 10th, 2007 at 2:35pm