Photo and video from “Stand up for Jazz” featuring Bill Cosby

On Thursday October 21, at Rose Theater, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton played a short opening set of jazz tunes that deal with humor.
Some were directly representational (Wynton’s Ellingtonian “Back to Basics,” which portrays laughter through a trumpet), some just sounded happy-go-lucky (Thelonious Monk’s singsong “Green Chimneys”) and some were jazz’s best novelty songs (’‘Salt Peanuts’‘ and ‘‘Open the Door, Richard’‘).
Then Mr. Cosby performed stand-up comedy for 90 minutes, using a reduced version of the orchestra behind him to cue incidental music to his routines.

(Click the link below to open the Quicktime video directly or right-click to save the video on your hard disk)

Wynton soloing on Back to Basics

Bill Cosby duets with the LCJO (part 1)

Bill Cosby duets with the LCJO (part 2)

Bill Cosby on the stage with Wynton and the LCJO
Bill Cosby on stage with Wynton, Eric Lewis, Wes Anderson and Herlin Riley

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