News to come soon

Sorry for our delay in updating the site, but we’re in New York for the JALC’s grand opening concerts.
We are having a great time with Wynton, Isobel and Genevieve listening to great music.
As soon as i return to Italy i will post some great video-clip, photos and news articles about the events !!!

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  1. Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to the Oct. 18th opening. It was an historical event. The parade was great however, trying to be the grad marshallete was a job I had know ideal was so important.! even though i got hit a couple times from the camera people the whole event was something I was proud to be a part of.
    I cried so much I said forget about the makeup because I was so happy for Jazz at Lincoln center and the house wynotn built!!!!!!! there are so many people who made this the house of swing what it is going to be i just want to thank all of thme.
    the music was great, the food was great the accustics were great i only have one little thing to say I missed.
    where is the chanderlier?????? all great houses like this have one and I am sure there are still added things as they go along.
    Oh yes everthing is very organized and they way it is built you dont get a stuffy feeling. There is so much warmth. Also in the fall of fame I didn’t see a drummer mentioned yet but im sure there will be one in the future.
    thanks Jazz at lincoln center for keeping jazz alive!

    whitney marchelle on Oct 20th, 2004 at 11:26am

  2. Ciao Luigi,

    I envy you! Say hi to Genevieve and Wynton from Christof, will you?


    Christof Roster on Oct 20th, 2004 at 11:25am