Images from NBC Hurricane Relief concert

As you know, yesterday night Wynton played at NBC studios in New York for the Hurricane Relief concert. Here is a report from the NBC web site, where you can also find a photo slide of the evening.

Wynton on NBC
Harry Connick Jr. performs with Wynton Marsalis during ‘The Concert for Hurricane Relief’ at NBC studios in New York City September 2, 2005. (Photo by: Matt Peyton/NBC Universal)

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  1. This is a GREAT blog! I love the video clips and thank you for keeping everything so up-to-date. I met Wynton several years back when I took my son Christopher to see him in Kalamazoo, MI. (It was Chris’s main Christmas present–front-row tickets to see Wynton.) I had emailed beforehand and the stage manager had invited Christopher back to meet Wynton after the show. Wynton is so gracious–he has an open door policy for music students and stays and talks to the kids afterward. He even invited Christopher to play for him, but Christopher couldn’t find the courage (there were lots of kids much older than he was standing there and he couldn’t bring himself to do it–which he really regretted later!). But the whole experience was powerful and uplifting and a real key moment for us both. Christopher is almost 18 now and still playing trumpet and composing jazz. I think he has ever album Wynton has ever made. We will always love and respect Wynton. What a fine man!

    Katherine on Sep 3rd, 2005 at 5:00am