A love Supreme, the new Wynton Marsalis and JLCO’s album, is out !

Palmetto Records has just released A Love Supreme, the label debut of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s renowned big band The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.
Recorded at the end of 1964 for Impulse!, John Coltrane’s original A Love Supreme has been called one of the most important recordings of the 20th century.

Wynton explains: “A Love Supreme is, obviously, one of the most influential and revered of jazz recordings. Most of his innovations were not in what was written, but in how his band played. His greatest importance and influence came through the extraordinary improvising of a saxophonist, a pianist (McCoy Tyner), a bassist (Jimmy Garrison), and a drummer (Elvin Jones). Coltrane’s music was in his and his ensembles playing, and he could not have achieved what he did without musicians of any less originality and intensity than those in what is now called the classic John Coltrane Quartet.”

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