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The Jungle (Symphony No. 4)

“New York City is the most fluid, pressure-packed, and cosmopolitan metropolis the modern world has ever seen,” says Wynton Marsalis. No wonder, then, that the city inspired what is perhaps the composer’s greatest work to date: The Jungle, his fourth symphony, which receives its first recorded release this May on Blue Engine Records.
Captured in 2019, this inspired performance of The Jungle was conducted by Nicholas Buc and features the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne’s Hamer Hall. Marsalis’s masterwork highlights the paradoxes that define New York City, where wealth and poverty, grit and romance, and unlimited growth and stagnation all coexist. But it’s also a meditation on what being human means today—a widescale attempt to understand the maelstrom of modern life and remind listeners of what brings us together.

The Jungle (Symphony No. 4)

Album Info

Ensemble JLCO with Wynton Marsalis and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Release Date May 26th, 2023
Recording Date February 28-March 2, 2019
Record Label Blue Engine Records
Catalogue Number BE0040
Formats Digital Download
Genre Jazz at Lincoln Center Recordings, Jazz Recordings
Digital Booklet Download (pdf, 6 MB)

Track Listing

Track Length Preview
Movement I: The Big Scream (Black Elk Speaks) 11:23 Play
Movement II: The Big Show 6:02 Play
Movement III: Lost in Sight (Post-Pastoral) 16:07 Play
Movement IV: La Esquina 7:53 Play
Movement V: Us 7:43 Play
Movement VI: Struggle in the Digital Market 15:31 Play
Bonus Track: Curtain Call (Knozz-Moe-King/C Jam Blues) 8:36 Play

Liner Notes

New York City is the most fluid, pressure-packed, and cosmopolitan metropolis the modern world has ever seen. The dense mosaic of all kinds of people everywhere doing all kinds of things encourages you to ‘stay in your lane,’ but the speed, freedom, and intensity of our relationships to each other – and to the city itself – forces us onto a collective superhighway unlike any other in our country.

The Big Scream (Black Elk Speaks) represents nervous energy, the primal soul of our city as maintained across time.
It reflects on our Native American roots and the many forms of strife we have endured in an attempt to negotiate this small space with and without each other.

The Big Show evokes the brash, brassy, razzle-dazzle of our city. It is the feeling of ragtime, of Broadway, and the European immigrant’s transition to New Yorker through the syncopated spirit of the early 20th-century dance, animal movements like the turkey trot and fox trot.

Lost in Sight (Post-Pastoral): Everywhere we turn we see the homeless, the dispossessed, the out of luck, and the love-lost. In the midst of staggering wealth, we house a large population who can’t survive. They are ubiquitous and invisible. Their presence connects us to the 19th century and our legacy of slavery.

La Esquina: Hispanic sounds and rhythms have pressed an indelible groove into the character of the city. Afro-Latin culture is a foundation of New York life and our city has inspired some of its greatest music.

Us: Although we are gritty and brusque by day, we can also be romance, elegance, and sophistication by night. ‘Us’ is what it means to be with, against, and up against another.

Struggle in the Digital Market: The city is driven ever forward by more and more profit and the myth of unlimited growth for the purpose of ownership and seclusion. Some form of advertisement occupies every available space. The struggle asks, ‘Will we seek and find more equitable long-term solutions… or perish?’

— Wynton Marsalis


All compositions by Wynton Marsalis (Skayne’s Music (ASCAP)).

Movement I: The Big Scream (Black Elk Speaks)
Movement II: The Big Show
Movement III: Lost in Sight (Post-Pastoral)
Movement IV: La Esquina
Movement V: Us
Movement VI: Struggle in the Digital Market
Bonus Track: Curtain Call (Knozz-Moe-King/C Jam Blues)


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis
Music Director/ Trumpet

Nicholas Buc


Sophie Rowell, Concertmaster
Kirsty Bremner
Sarah Curro
Peter Fellin
Deborah Goodall
Lorraine Hook
Kirstin Kenny
Eleanor Mancini
Mark Mogilevski
Kathryn Taylor
Madeleine Jevons
Michael Loftus-Hills

Robert Macindoe, Associate Principal
Monica Curro, Assistant Principal
Aaron Barnden
Tiffany Cheng
Freya Franzen
Cong Gu
Isy Wasserman
Philippa West
Patrick Wong
Roger Young

Christopher Moore, Principal
Fiona Sargeant, Associate Principal
Lauren Brigden
Katharine Brockman
Anthony Chataway
William Clark
Cindy Watkin
Trevor Jones

David Berlin, Principal
Rachael Tobin, Associate Principal
Rohan de Korte
Keith Johnson
Angela Sargeant
Josephine Vains

Steve Reeves, Principal
Ben Hanlon
Stephen Newton
Siyuan Vivian Qu

Wendy Clarke, Associate Principal
Taryn Clarke

Andrew Macleod, Principal

Emmanuel Cassimatis, Guest Principal
Ann Blackburn

Michael Pisani, Principal

Philip Arkinstall, Associate Principal
Craig Hill

Jonathan Craven, Principal

Jack Schiller, Principal
Natasha Thomas

Colin Forbes-Abrams, Guest Principal

Nicolas Fleury, Principal
Saul Lewis, Principal Third
Rachel Shaw
Trinette McClimont
Rebecca Luton

Shane Hooton, Associate Principal
Tristan Rebien, Guest Associate Principal
Rosie Turner

Brett Kelly, Principal
Richard Shirley

Mike Szabo, Principal

Timothy Buzbee, Principal

John Arcaro

Robert Clarke, Principal
Robert Cossom
Robert Allan
Matthew Brennan
Timothy Hook


Sherman Irby – Alto & Soprano Saxophones, Piccolo, Clarinet
Ted Nash – Alto & Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Piccolo, Bb & Bass Clarinets
Victor Goines – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Eb, Bb & Bass Clarinets
Camille Thurman – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet
Paul Nedzela – Baritone & Soprano Saxophones, Bb & Bass Clarinets

Wynton Marsalis
Ryan Kisor
Kenny Rampton
Marcus Printup

Vincent Gardner
Chris Crenshaw
Sam Chess (*)

Dan Nimmer – Piano
Carlos Henriquez – Bass
Jason Marsalis – Drums

(*)Tour replacement for Elliot Mason

Jazz at Lincoln Center:
Executive Producer: Wynton Marsalis

Recording Engineer: Alex Stinson
Assistant: Jack Montgomery-Parkes
Producer: Duncan Yardley
Mixing Engineer: Todd Whitelock at Amplified Art and Sound
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios, NYC 2023

Label Head and A&R: Gabrielle Armand
Label Manager: Jake Cohen
Product Manager: Benjamin Korman
Product & Marketing Associate: Alexa Ford
Director of Public Relations and External Communications: Zooey T. Jones
Assistant Director of Public Relations and External Communications: Madelyn Gardner
Legal: Suhaydee Tejeda

Music Supervisor and Copyist: Jonathan Kelly
Music Administration: Kay Wolff, Christianna English
Daniel Israel – Assistant Director, Touring
Raymond Murphy – Tour Manager
Kathleen Murray – Manager, Touring Operations
David Robinson – Production Manager / Sound Engineer
Art Direction: Brian Welesko
Design: William Mauro

Recorded on February 28March 2, 2019, at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall in Southbank, Australia

Leadership support for Blue Engine Records is provided by John and Jody Arnhold.

Leadership support for the inaugural Blue Engine emerging artist release is made possible by the Jay Pritzker Foundation.

Major support is provided by David T. and Lisa Schiff and Len Riggio.
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