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Listen to the Storyteller: A Trio of Tales from Around the World

Not since PETER AND THE WOLF has storytelling and music come together in such a richly imagined wayThree original tales, drawn from Afro-Caribbean, Native American, and Celtic lore, invite readers to take part in a unique storytelling experience. From the playful antics of The Fiddler and the Dancin’ Witch to the animal spirits in The Lesson of the Land to the enchanted setting of The Face in the Lake, each story resonates with vibrantly-colored illustrations. The result is tales that evoke a wealth of storytelling tradition, and also provide an accessible way to introduce children to classical music.
Conceived as a companion book to the musical CD from Sony Classical, Listen to the Storyteller has also been brought to life through original scores by three renowned composers: Wynton Marsalis, Edgar Meyer, and Patrick Doyle.
Whether enjoyed as a stand-alone book, or as an elegant companion to the CD, these tales are sure to inspire a lifelong love of storytelling and music.

Listen to the Storyteller: A Trio of Tales from Around the World

Book Details

Publish Date September 1st, 1999
Publisher Viking Juvenile
Language(s) English
Pages 32
Dimensions 9.52 x 0.45 x 9.38 inches
ISBN 978-0670880546


Bold illustrations and rhyming text offer a strong tone to these lively sing-song tales inspired by cultures throughout the world.

Celebrate the storytellers who tell the tales— whether in words, pictures, music, or all three A willful boy and a dancing witch go to clamorous lengths to win a magic fiddle…. A maiden imprisoned by her cold-hearted brother is rescued by the power of love…. A quest for knowledge leads three boys on an unforgettable journey…. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean, Celtic, and Native American lore, this engaging trio of original stories comes to vivid life in stunning, collage-like illustrations by Kristen Balouch.

  • Introduction
  • The Fiddler And The Dancin’ Witch
  • The Lesson of the Land
  • The Face in the Lake