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The house was filled with lively and colorful citizens of all generations

(Will Cleasby and Will Sach with Wynton at Winfield House in London)

Thank you Ambassador Hartley and your wonderful staff including the sartorially splendid and supremely competent Sam Salk. The weather was perfect, the setting elegant and the company classy. The house was filled with lively and colorful citizens of all generations. The rhythm section of the three Wills (Sach-Cleasby and Barry) was swinging, attentive and popping. I was afforded the unscripted opportunity to play with my lifelong colleague and friend pianist, composer, educator Julian Joseph and to enjoy the impromptu excellence of trumpeter Jay Phelps.

The young musicians from the Julian’s Jazz Academy brought an eagerness and enthusiasm that turned the occasion into an event, and the emotional playing of young saxophonist Wren Clark made me remember my father’s love of encouraging high school aged musicians to embrace their own personal creativity. It was all warm and familial with a down home naturalness and an unforced ease of communication that is the essence of community.

Thank you Madam Ambassador for your kindness, graciousness and hospitality. The glow will intensify as memory.

- Wynton

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