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JLCO with Wynton Marsalis in Boston

JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Ensemble JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Date Sunday, January 28th, 2024
Time 5:00pm
Event Type Concert
Project Max Roach Centennial
Venue Boston Symphony Hall
Address 301 Massachusetts Ave
Location Boston, MA, United States
Venue Phone +1 888-266-1200

Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra pay tribute to one of the greats when they celebrate the centennial of drummer Max Roach. Roach, a pioneering legend and innovative master musician and bandleader, spanned a diverse range of styles and influenced generations to follow with his artistry and his commitment to activism.




  • Blues Waltz
  • Garvey’s Ghost
  • Freedom Day (with Shenel Johns)
  • Lonesome Lover (with Shenel Johns)
  • The Drum Also Waltzes (solo drums)
  • Four-X
  • Driva’ Man (with Shenel Johns)
  • Another Valley
  • Between Max and Ti-Roro