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Wynton Marsalis in Ithaca

Wynton Marsalis
Ensemble Wynton Marsalis
Date Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
Time 10:15am
Event Type Conversation / Q&A
Event Name Conversation and Q&A: “Rhythm and Groove, Cross-Culturally”
Venue Lincoln Hall at Cornell University
Address 256 Feeney Way, E Ave
Location Ithaca, NY, United States
Venue Phone +1 607-255-4097

Class topic & format: Town Hall format (Steve Pond interviews Wynton with Q&A from student audience)
Topic of today’s class meeting: “What does it mean to be “in the pocket”? This can open up to any productive discussion: interpersonal give-and-take, empathetic listening, dance & movement, “the pocket” as a metaphor for democracy.


Info on the course: Have you ever wondered: is there music in outer space? What is music’s “deep history”? How do we know music when we hear it? Why does it make us want to dance? Does it also make us “civilized”? And how do cultural, technological, and economic forces shape why we listen, when we listen, and what we listen to? Elements of Music offers the opportunity to think about all these questions (and more) through a wide variety of hands-on musical activities: experimenting with instruments, recording, and manipulating sounds from the world around us, examining medieval musical books, dancing the Twist, sweatin’ to the Oldies, playing samba, improvising, singing, and above all, listening to music from around the world.