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Wynton Marsalis in New York

Virtual Event
Wynton Marsalis
Ensemble Wynton Marsalis
Date Saturday, March 6th, 2021
Time 7:30pm
Event Type Keynote Address / Virtual Event
Tour The Montessori Event: “Visions, Dreams, Goals”
Venue American Montessori Society
Address 116 East 16th St
Location New York, NY, United States
Venue Phone +1 212-358-1250
Admission Registration required with fee

In his role at Jazz at Lincoln Center, he spearheaded the creation of 2 unique programs aimed at youth. “Jazz for Young People” concerts are designed for school-aged children and “WeBop!” gives preschoolers and babies as young as 6 months a chance to groove. Both programs are designed to provide children with a fun, musical environment, and exposure to the rudiments of jazz music.


Keynote Presentation sponsored by Montessori Mozarts / Lakeview Montessori