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Wynton Marsalis in New Orleans

Wynton Marsalis
Ensemble Wynton Marsalis
Date Friday, November 12th, 1976
Time 9:45am
Event Type Concert / Performance as Guest Soloist
Event Name Symphony for Children
Venue The “small” side of Municipal Auditorium
Address XW6J+P7
Location New Orleans, LA, United States


Soloists: Wynton Marsalis; Sean Toye, nightingale; Virginia Demaree, cuckoo; Gabby Cook, ratchet; Missy Barnes, triangle; Wayne Solum, triangle; Percell Church, nightingale; Juanesta Holmes, cuckoo; John Zimmer, ratchet.
Conductor: Carter Nice

Kids were taught by Ed Broussard of Livingstone Middle School and Diann Gardner of Country Day


  • Haydn’s Toy Symphony