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JLCO with Wynton Marsalis in New York

JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Ensemble JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Date Friday, June 7th, 2019
Time 8:00pm
Event Type Concert
Project Portraits of America: A Jazz Story
Venue Frederick P. Rose Hall
Address Broadway at West 60th Street
Location New York, NY, United States
Venue Phone +1 212-721-6500
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The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis closes the season with a new collaboration bridging visual art and jazz composition. In partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, JLCO members have spent the past year exploring centuries’ worth of American art, ranging from masterworks to lesser-known gems in the Museum’s collection. Each musician was asked to select a single work of art as inspiration for a new original composition.

This new collection of music will be performed by the JLCO for the first time tonight. Every song will be accompanied by a visual display of the artwork that inspired it, transforming Rose Theater into a one-of-a-kind art gallery. Thanks to a close collaboration between Jazz at Lincoln Center’s light technicians and the Crystal Bridges team, each work of art will be presented in a way that highlights key details connecting it to the live music.

This special event expands the JLCO’s Jazz and Art songbook for the first time in a decade. Past iterations brought us longstanding JLCO favorites like Ted Nash‘s Portrait in Seven Shades and Sherman Irby‘s Twilight Sounds, and the band’s composers are eager to revisit this rich source of inspiration. The music and visuals will both stand on their own merits, as our previous commissions have proved, but when combined, they are uniquely powerful.



Set I:

  • The Sound of Colors [Victor Goines for Stuart Davis – Still Life with Flowers (1930)]
  • Summer Day [Elliot Mason for Frank Weston Benson – Summer Day (1911)]
  • Salvation, Serenity, Reflection [Marcus Printup for Carroll Cloar – Charlie Mae Practicing for the Baptising (1974)]
  • The Cycle of Life [Carlos Henriquez for George Wesley Bellows – Two Women (1924)]
  • Au Cafè (Synchromy) [Ted Nash for Stanton Macdonald-Wright – Au Cafè (Synchromy) (1918)]
  • A Hot Jam on Grand [Sherman Irby for Grace Hartigan – Rough, Ain’t It (1949)]

Set II:

  • Black Balloon [Christopher Crenshaw for Gene Davis – Black Balloon (1964)]
  • Mitakuye Oyasin (All Are Related) [Kenny Rampton for Thomas Cole – Landscape with Indian (ca. 1826)]
  • The Tree [Paul Nedzela for Helen Lundeberg – The Tree (1938) arranged by Carlos Henriquez]
  • One Understands [Vincent Gardner for Adolph Gottlieb – Trinity (1962)]
  • For Never and Forever [Walter Blanding for Romare Bearden – Sacrifice (1941)]
  • We the People [Wynton Marsalis for Nari Ward – We the People (black version) (2015)]