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The Music of Hancock and Roberts (concert)

April 23, 2010
Rose Theater – New York, NY

Engaging music. Last night, Bobby Hutcherson came out on the bandstand and burnt the music to a crisp and inspired us. He must have some type of photographic musical memory and he plays with such clarity. He brought a feeling of love and joy to the bandstand that we happily reciprocated. And then, he told us some stories at intermission. Marcus Roberts The J Master, the modern genius of the piano, came out and we played his music, his extremely challenging set, swinging. It brings his trio together with our band, and we’re just loving the camaraderie and the feeling. It’s like we’re with our brothers, we’ve all known each other for years, we’ve played together. It’s very challenging for our trumpet section, we’re working hard. Ryan Kisor is a genius.

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