Tap Meets Flamenco at JALC

On April 24, 25 & 26, 2008, at Rose Theater, in a special concert event called Tap Meets Flamenco, Spanish pianist Chano Dominguez performs his work De Cadi a New Orleans with his flamenco ensemble and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra also performs selections from The Vitoria Suite, which the city of Vitoria, Spain commissioned Wynton Marsalis to write, and “Evolution of the Groove” featuring drummer Herlin Riley.
Featuring guests Israel Suarez, tap dancers Jared Grimes, Dewitt Fleming, Jr. and flamenco dancer Tomasito, Tap Meets Flamenco explores jazz, Spanish rhythms and dance. More info about tickets on
Below you can watch a video clip from the event…

You can also listen to the concert from JALC Radio (open directly in Tunes or Winamp)

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  1. SUPERBBBB for sure!!!!!!.

    What an amazing reunion, full of creative, musical and artistic posibilities…..
    Wynton, the one and only, and his fellow musicians; then Chano and his imaginative desterity at piano ,and what to say of his fellows…pure rhythm.
    Also, H. Riley’s mastery; what I’ve listened time ago from Evolution of the Groove was great.

    Please, any volunteer for an acurate report of everything?? if possible also video of J.Grimes and Sr.Tomasito (he’s got duende).

    ZS on Apr 14th, 2008 at 7:31pm

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