Ellis Marsalis Documentary Trailer Debuts From Filmmaker Sascha Just

An Ellis Marsalis documentary is on the way.

In September of 2020, OffBeat talked to filmmaker Sascha Just, a New York and Berlin-based filmmaker who was documenting the life of Ellis Marsalis until his passing in April of the same year. (She had visited New Orleans many times and became a close friend of the musician.) Just has recently released the trailer for her upcoming film which will paint a portrait of the master musician and mentor-to-many who influenced the direction of jazz through his own music and his unique teaching methods. Told by Ellis in his own words and by his colleagues, family members, and disciples the film chronicles the major stations of Ellis’ life—growing up in a segregated society, pursuing his love for bebop in a city devoted to tradjazz, raising a family, building university jazz programs, and eventually retiring.

“With one sentence he could say something really wonderful and be so insightful and funny. That was it — just one sentence. I loved how involved he got when he speaks of things he is interested in and how in depth he could go into about these things. Even though I am not a musician he became a role model on how to pursue something…to stick with it and go with what you love,” Just told OffBeat.

This Ellis Marsalis documentary will premiere at the Doc Now NYC showcase November 10 with a Q&A with the filmmaker and Wynton Marsalis.
For tickets and info, visit here.

by Veronika Lee
Source: OffBeat

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