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In this House, On This Morning (DVD)

The audience caught fire when the Wynton Marsalis Septet premiered this full scale suite, at a gala concert in Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall on May 27, 1992. Wynton structured the composition to follow the form of many African-American church services, which have twelve parts, just like the blues. It charts a journey of hope, failing, and redemption, from a Sunday sunrise “Devotional” and “Call to Prayer” to “Pot Blessed Dinner,” the always delicious home cooked meal immediately following the service. Give it a listen, and you’ll likely agree with the opening night audience, that Wynton took that preacher’s advice to heart – “Start low, go slow; reach a little higher, catch on fire!”

In this House, On This Morning (DVD)

Album Info

Ensemble Wynton Marsalis Septet
Release Date September 19th, 2006
Recording Date July 22, 1992
Record Label Geneon
Formats DVD
Genre Jazz Recordings

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Track Listing

Track Length Preview
Call To Prayer
Representative Offerings
The Lord’s Prayer
Introduction to Prayer
In This House
Choral Response
Local Announcements
Altar Call
In the Sweet Embrace of Life
Father and Son
Holy Ghost
Uptempo Posthude
Pot Blessed Dinner

Liner Notes

Wynton Marsalis is one of the true musical legends of our time. With his arrival on the music scene in 1982 as a teenager , this trumpet prodigy displayed an ease with both jazz and classical music. Since that time, Marsalis almost single-handedly initiated a revival in mainstream jazz among younger musicians. In 1997 he won the Pulitzer Prize in music, a first for a jazz musician.

In “In This House, On This Morning” Wynton Marsalis takes his music to a whole new level of creativity.
Following the structure of an African-American church service, Marsalis and his talented Septet delve into numbers that reflect a profound connection between the religious experience and a musical one. At once spiritual and upbeat, then sedative and inspired, this compilation is can extraordinary musical performance like no other.


Run Time 125 min.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Linear PCM Uncompress Stereo

Wynton Marsalis, trumpet
Wess Anderson, alto sax
Wycliffe Gordon, trombone
Todd Williams, tenor sax
Eric Reed, piano
Reginald Veal, bass
Herlin Riley, drums

Filmed at Münchner Philharmoniker. Munich, July 22, 1992

Management: The Management Ark, Inc.
Edward C. Arrendell II, President
Original Production: Manfred Frei (LOFTmusic)
DVD Production: mediaHYPERIUM studio
Executive Producer: Katsuhiko Tsurumoto (Geneon Enterteinment (USA) Inc.)
Herbert Waltl (mediaHYPERIUM)
Terry Ho (Geneon Enterteinment (USA) Inc.)