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Congo Square (DVD)

This dynamic 2 hour performance of Congo Square at the 2007 Montreal Jazz Festival features, along with Marsalis, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s other outstanding soloists. Odadaa! is made up of nine musicians performing on drums, flutes, balaphones and bells. Whichever group is playing, the performance is filled with the improvising spirit at the root of jazz.
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Congo Square (DVD)

Album Info

Ensemble JLCO with Wynton Marsalis featuring Yacub Addy and Odadaa!
Release Date March 4th, 2008
Recording Date June 28, 2007
Record Label Shanachie Records
Catalogue Number 6332
Formats DVD
Genre Jazz at Lincoln Center Recordings

Track Listing

Track Length Preview
Ring Shout
Timin Timin / Fireflies
Place Congo
Logo Talk
It Never Goes Away
Hedzole Baba
Sanctified Blues

Liner Notes

Wynton Marsalis pays homage to his hometown of New Orleans in Congo Square, a ground-breaking suite celebrating Congo Square s unique role in shaping American music.
Long before New Orleans’ fabled red light district Storyville became famous as an incubator of jazz, legend has it that in the I 700s and 1800s the Congo Square market behind the French Quarter was the only public place in America where African slaves were allowed to perform their own music. Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with African master drummer Yacub Addy and Odadaa! revisit this bedrock of jazz and blues where the earliest African stylings first entered American music. This fascinating project reacquaints every strain in the evolution of jazz from Dixieland through swing and funk with its African roots as first heard in Congo Square.


Congo Square composed by Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy.
Published by Skayne’s Music.
Front cover photo by Clay Patrick Mcbride
Back cover photo and inside photo under tray by Ayano Hisa
Front cover illustration by E. W. Kemble fom “The Dance In Place Congo” By George W. Cable, Feb.1886.

Produced By Amérimage.Spectra Inc.
Directed By Mario Rouleau
Producers: Alain Simard / Pierre L. Touchette
Executive Producer: Luc Châtelain
Recorded and videotaped at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, June 28, 2007.

©2007 Amérimage-Spectra Inc. All Rights Reserved.
® 2008 Shanachie Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Package Design: Lorien Babajian

16:9 anamorphic / Color / 2 hours / All regions / NTSC / Dolby Digital Stereo