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To a Young Jazz Musician: Letters From The Road

In “To a Young Jazz Musician”, the renowned jazz musician and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Wynton Marsalis gives us an invaluable guide to making good music — and to leading a good life.Writing from the road “between the bus ride, the sound check, and the gig,” Marsalis passes on wisdom gained from experience, addressed to a young musician coming up — and to any of us at any stage of life.

To a Young Jazz Musician: Letters From The Road

Book Details

Publish Date October 12th, 2004
Publisher Random House
Language(s) English
Pages 144
Dimensions 8.1 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches
ISBN 978-1400063994


Wynton Marsalis writes that having humility is a way to continue to grow, to listen, and to learn; that patience is necessary for developing both technical proficiency and your own art rather than an imitation of someone else’s; and that rules are indispensable because “freedom lives in structure.” He offers lessons learned from his years as a performer and from his great forebears Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and others; he explores the art of swing; he discusses why it is important to run toward your issues, not away; and he talks about what to do when your integrity runs up against the lack thereof in others and in our culture.

He poetically expresses our need for healers: “All of it tracks back to how you heal your culture, one patient at a time, beginning with yourself.”

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