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There is no greater sound on earth, than Joe Temperley on a horn

Yesterday was a day off. After an overnight drive, Ted, Sherman and I were up at 7:30am or so, sitting in the front cabin of the bus with coffee roasting and TV news wallpapering the sonic landscape as the burnished colors of early autumn provided a nostalgic freshness to the morning. Naturally, we started talking about Joe Temperley. 25 years of playing with Joe……we called him and gave some updates on the tour and on inside issues.

One part of the Mass features Joe speaking a verse. Every night, when Vincent does it, we think about Joe’s Scottish brogue. He said he’s been following these posts, so cats said it would be hip if he would write one today, and he did. There is no greater sound on earth, than Joe Temperley on a horn:


As I sit here at home in my living room, I think back to about 20 years ago to all the successful gigs we have played. My dearest brothers, Homey, Veal and Wess. I remember the road trips and the different pieces we have played for all the appreciative and wonderful audiences. We played this Mass in the Abyssinian Baptist Church about 5 or 6 years ago. The glorious sound of the music in that church, the choir, filling it with the resounding sound of their voices, and the glory of our saxophone section with Walter, Ted, Sherman and Victor.

Wynton wrote an intro to “The Lord’s Prayer” for me. It is a very special piece of music to me that I played with reverence and love. Last year, when Sherman and Chris wrote their pieces, they gave me very important and meaningful parts. I am very thankful to them and to Wynton to have had the experience to play all that beautiful music. I also shall never forget Reverend Butts who delivered a wonderful service. Now we are bringing this joy to all parts of our country with today’s brothers, with much love and joy.

When I think of Boss Murphy bringing his gypsy caravan across the country, it never ceases to amaze me. I have to say in all the years I have been on tour with the band, the most fun I have had was with Murphy.

Least I forget Ernie and Charles. They drive the equipment all over the country, bleary eyed. God Bless them. I miss it and love it.

Enjoy the long winding road. It is a blessing.



Tonight, we are being presented by Jazz St. Louis at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. It will be a great honor and privilege to perform for our sponsors and friends, the Steward family.


“Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration”, will be on tour on October 3-23, and will be webcast live on October 24th, 25th and 26th at 8PM ET on http://wyntonmarsalis.org/live

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