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The New Orleans Suite and the cats (2nd day in NOLA)

We played the New Orleans suite of Duke Ellington yesterday. The jazz tent was full and people were touched by the elegance , insight and depth of Duke’s vision. There were so many highlights.

Ted Nash’s flute, Marcus Printup, Vic, Dan Nimmer playing the hell of the organ, Sherman…so many of the cats.
Joe and Laurie Temperley celebrated a renewing of their 25th anniversary vows in front of us and we enjoyed a reception of Dooky Chase's restaurant. Dooky was a a trumpet player and his wife Leah is one of our great Crescent City icons.

We jammed at Irvin Mayield's club in the royal sonesta hotel, the only jazz club on Bourbon Street so far as I could tell. We love the Big Easy.
A lot of neighborhood’s are back but many are still under…our culture is still intact.


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