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Spaces focuses on the definitive traits of 10 animals

Jared Grimes and Lil Buck in rehearsal with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra for the premiere of Wynton Marsalis’ SPACES

Throughout history we have lived close to animals and have been reliant on them in so many ways. In this densely populated metropolis, our way of life does not include meaningful contact with any undomesticated animals larger than squirrels. But the animal kingdom remains a foundation of our mythology, personality and understanding of our space in the world.

When I was growing up people would actually refer to animals as if the were people. “Well that old rooster is just waking up trying to see what kind of trouble he can get in. He just walked right down the street aggravating everybody on his way to them hens.”

I have often considered that, like people, any individual animal can be very different from others of the same species. And though there are obvious group defining characteristics, there is also an easily observable an astounding variety of personalities. Spaces focuses on the definitive traits of 10 animals and on the infinite individual variations in each group. It also surfs the spiritual, emotional and physical space that they create and inhabit.


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  1. Wynton! if you read this I would like to say that I watched “Spaces” on my Livestream ,I live in Sydney in OZ , it “spaces” was a beautiful experience to be able to watch it on my PC big monitor was a dream ,the cameras caught everything and the sound mix ,well you hear it all , to be sable to see and gear music like this “Live” from so far away is as they say “Somethin’ Else” I loved your introductions to each tune too you are a very gifted man ! Hey ! those dancers?? So good they are incredible, so you made me a very happy old ex drummer today , Thank You ! I also enjoy those college bands Comps you put on .Magic I once saw you do an interview you did and you said Miles Davis is playing ” Funk” not Jazz ! I agree with you on that point , I loved Miles too I have most of his recordings over the years , I think Miles actually always wanted to be a crowd pleaser and he also got bored with what he was doing and moved to another “Thing” as he grew older ,I don’t know for sure but that’s my opinion, I wish you all the best for the future and will continue to enjoy your Music , Cheers Robert Carter

    Robert Carter on Apr 9th, 2016 at 9:15am

  2. I/we would like to see the Spaces performance available online to share with dance and music students. Incredible FEETS! It is important to show dancers and jazz musicians working together in this very creative project / presentation. Excellent! Inspirational! Thank you, Wynton Marsalis. Thank you musicians, choreographers and dancers! Thank you for providing the right surface for dancers as well. (KP, Tucson)

    Krystyna Parafinczuk on Apr 4th, 2016 at 10:52am

  3. On the way home tonite I caught the last bit of “Spaces” on SiriusXM and was blown away by the instrumentation. Went online to see if the vid of the performance is available. Seems the answer is no. Will a video of the premier performance be made available at some time?

    Richard on Apr 2nd, 2016 at 10:52pm

  4. Hi, watched yester

    MTSCR on Apr 2nd, 2016 at 1:22pm