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Sloganize, Patronize, Realize, Revolutionize

(Black Lives Matters) — a slogan and sentiment that has dominated the airwaves and the social space. Its intention is very clear but the facts of it all remain shrouded in mystery. Is it an organization, a philosophy, a call to arms, a call for justice, or all of the above? Used and obscured by all sides to mean whatever they want it to mean, it has illuminated, excited and exacerbated the multiple segregated fault lines that corrupt of our way of life.
Will this be a passing slogan used to patronize and move on? Or will we realize what is possible and commit to revolution by changing the laws and mechanics that allow unarmed citizens to be slain by peace officers who continue to lie beyond the arm of the same justice they are sworn to uphold?

Change requires imagination, courage and dogged dedication. The momentum of folly always pushes us down the inevitable path of contention, calamity and chaos. I hope that the social and political corruption and turmoil of these times cast a light on the individual investment required to maintain a libertarian democracy. May the events of these times inspire us all to engage even more deeply in the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens.


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