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Engineer, producer, sound doctor extraordinaire Jeff “The Jedi Master” Jones and I were up ‘till 4 in the morning mixing the DVD and CD of the concert we did with Willie Nelson and Norah Jones.
The night before, the quintet played a dance for the Washington Performing Arts Society in DC. We drove back to New York and The Jedi and I mixed from 3 in the morning until around 10am. Watching him work in his Harlem brownstone with such intensity and dedication made me realize the importance of recognizing and enjoying the creativity of friends and colleagues.
We live with the people we live with.

There is an art to enjoying the interactions we have as we experience them. The art of accompanying.
That’s what makes the rhythm section such an innovation. They strive to create an empathetic environment for whatever the soloist creates AS THEY CREATE IT.

Yeah, we have to enjoy and celebrate the creativity of the people with live with.
Or we have a bad, and dull, time.


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