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Listening to the 9 CD's of Mexican traditional music given to me by a hermano in Mexico City.

Victor Alejandro Brian Avendano Ramos, who is driving, is telling me what region the music is from and what its function is. We joke about his 5 names. but that levity does not obscure the message. There are many styles and much depth in this music and in the art of Mexico. Now we are hearing a groove that sounds like New Orleans Indians with ritual flute playing. Before that was a most abstract-scratchy-violin-slightly out of tune-incantation about death (I think).

We speak in extremely limited Spanish and English about how people are stereotyped and you have to know people to understand what they are about. Zora Neale Hurston said, "You have to go there to know there." I have always found Mexico to be a place rich in culture, hospitality and diversity.

I told him the Afro-American stereotypes are taken to represent us also.

He said, "I know, I see the videos." We laugh but don't.

If whoever gave me these cd's reads this, can you give me your contact info please?


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