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Celebrating Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 51st Anniversary

Wynton Marsalis and Fred Rogers

I had the honor of playing on Mister Rogers’ show in 1986. Never before or since, have I interacted with a staff that was as enthusiastic, complimentary, and fired up about their boss. From the airport to the studio each and every person gushed about Fred’s human qualities. And they weren’t at all exaggerating.
Many years later in 1992, I received an honarary doctorate from Boston University with Fred Rogers. Usually college kids on graduation day are too distracted and involved to truly celebrate the much older honorees.
Well, these kids were all screaming and shouting for Fred, ”I grew up in the neighborhood! Hey Mr. Rogers! We love you! Congratulations! Won’t you be my neighbor!!” and so on.
It felt great to see someone so dedicated and deserving received with such warmth, veneration and love. He was a highlight of our way of life.


Today, Google is celebrating #MisterRogers with a #GoogleDoodle. Join in on the celebration by visiting goo.gl/uzP1UV #workingwithgoogle

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