Wynton and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s Residency in Havana, Cuba 2010

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Between the dates October 2nd and October 10th Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center passionately shared their music with children, musicians, and the people of Cuba. The Cuban music community welcomed the JLCO with open arms and the residency resulted in an all-encompassing exchange of music and culture.

American and Cuban media covered the weeklong residency:

October 6, 2010
Escambray – “Wynton Marsalis: It’s an Honor to Visit Cuba”

Cuban News – “US Jazzmen Succumb to Cuban Music”

October 7, 2010
Cuban News – “Chucho Valdes and Marsalis Make Masterly Performance in Havana”

October 8, 2010
Wall Street Journal – “In Cuba, an ‘Extended Family’ Reunites”

Associated Press – “Wynton Marsalis brings music, message to Cuba”

New York Times – “Cuba Journal: A Mixing of Styles in Havana”

October 9, 2010
CUBARTE“Wynton Marsalis fait l’histoire à Cuba”

Havana Times – “Cuba-Lincoln Center Blend in Jazz”

October 10, 2010
Cuban Headlines – “Marsalis, Chucho and Omara together in a CD | Cuba News Headlines. Cuban Daily News”

CubaDebate.cu – “Marsalis concluye visita a La Habana con fenomenal ‘descarga‘”
Cuba Noticias Disidente – “Marsalis visita Cuba por su gente”

October 11, 2010
New York Times – “In Havana, Jam Sessions With a Master Trumpeter”

October 13, 2010
Wall Street Journal – “Intimate Encounters”

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