Wynton discussing about jazz with Ethan Iverson

Posted on December 15th, 2008 in Profiles & Interviews | Tags: congo square, jeff tain watts, knozz-moe-king, live at blues alley, yacub addy and odadaa

Last August, pianist Ethan Iverson sat down with Wynton and started working on the following collection of posts. Contents include:

  • Interview with Wynton Marsalis (Part one): Detailed discussion with audio clips of Wynton’s latest major opus, Congo Square, a two-CD set combining the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Odadaa! (the West African drum ensemble led by Yacub Addy).
  • Interview with Wynton Marsalis (Part two): A casual blindfold test of classic trumpet solos including Wynton’s decoding of improvising procedures on the legendary “Knozz-Moe-King” from Live at Blues Alley. This section also includes general thoughts on race and education from Wynton.

The “J” Word: An introduction to the following side posts.

1. Young Lion jazz of the 1980’s: Wynton, Branford, Ralph, Tain, Mulgrew, Kirkland, Donald Brown, Garrett, etc.

2. Four Early Wynton Marsalis/Jeff Watts Records: Made over twenty years ago, they still sound fresh today.

3. Current Perceptions: A call for respect.

4. An Old Feud: The Marsalis juggernaut versus the AACM.

5. Reading the Black Jazz Writers: Murray, Crouch, Ellison, Baraka, Spellman, Lewis, etc.