Video: Wynton Marsalis Quintet rehearsing with Jared Grimes in Marciac

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On August 1, 2007, Wynton was rehearsing with his Quintet for the August 2, 2007, concert in Marciac. The following video-clip will take you behind the stages to appreciate how the musicians played and interacted together. Awesome tap dancer Jared Grimes was guest.
Quintet personnel was: Wynton Marsalis (trumpet); Walter Blanding (sax); Dan Nimmer (piano); Carlos Henriquez (bass); Ali Jackson (drums).

Music consists of a nearly hour-long recent work by Wynton titled “Music, Deep Rivers in My Soul.”
Its point of departure is a poetic text by Maya Angelou and it is set for a jazz quintet with a speaker and a dancer. The format echoes Stravinsky’s “L’Histoire du Soldat,” but unlike the Stravinsky/Ramuz story of a soldier who makes a pact with the devil, the Marsalis/Angelou work is a portrait of black music, those who create it and those who listen to it. Wynton’s score embodies a kaleidoscopic amalgam of blues, Gospel, funeral marches, spirituals, swing and bebop.

The Drums (08:43 min. – 77.4 mb)
Naked Feet Running (03:31 min. – 31.4 mb)
The Cry of the Lonely (03:13 min. – 28.3 mb)
Mind on Tunisia (A Night in Tunisia) (09:04 min. – 83.3 mb)
Broke Like Bone (03:50 min. – 34.1 mb)
Broke Like Bone (Part II) (03:45 min. – 34.1 mb)
A Glory Train (Take the A Train) (06:03 min. – 53.8 mb)
Deep River (02:06 min. – 18.4 mb)

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