Video clips from Wynton’s new album !

Posted on August 2nd, 2005 in House of Tribes, iTunes, Podcast, Video | Tags: house of tribes, itunes, podcast, video

Dear friends, exclusively for our fan club, and thanks to the guys of House of Tribes, we can show you some video-clips from the 12/15/2002 session. This video was made at House of Tribes at the same time the new album (in store on August 30, 2005) was being recorded.
It was directed by: Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master” (who also recorded the album) and was lit and shot by Director of Photography/Cameraman, Chuck Fishbein and Beth Garrigal.

Just friends (A)
Just friends (B)
What is this thing called love (A)
What is this thing called love (B)
Cherokee (A)
Cherokee (B)

You need the free Quicktime player to play the videos. Simply click on the links to open, or right click on the links and save the files on your hard disk.

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