Ellis Marsalis, 1934 - 2020

Ellis Marsalis (photo ©: Luigi Beverelli)

“He went out the way he lived: embracing reality”

Ellis Marsalis Jr., a pianist and educator who became the guiding force behind a late-20th-century resurgence in jazz and who helped to shape the musical careers of four sons, died on Wednesday at a hospital in New Orleans. He was 85. Check out more about Ellis Marsalis

We wish to establish an archive of the breadth and width of his outreach and influence. Please feel free to offer any and all submissions here or on:

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  1. The world is a bit dimmer without Mr. Marsalis! I am a a very big fan of him and his very big legacy…. Please announce any tributes or concerts in the national news.

    Also had a thought, would like to see a benefit documentry about him or maybe his work as a teacher. I thought it could be called “Legacy of the Master.”. Maybe it would be great to hear from his students and family. Maybe we can understand him best through the loving eyes of his legacy!

    This is just an idea that I have from a ever-loving fan of jazz music. Thank you

    Jane T. on Apr 2nd, 2020 at 9:38pm