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JLCO with Wynton Marsalis in New York

JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Event The Life & Music of Dave Brubeck
Ensemble JLCO with Wynton Marsalis
Date Thursday, April 10th, 2014 – Saturday, April 12th, 2014
Time 8:00pm
Venue Rose Theater
Address Broadway at 60th Street
Location New York, NY, United States

The JLCO with Wynton Marsalis explores Brubeck’s extraordinary legacy with fresh arrangements that illuminate the breadth and scope of his body of work. Brubeck is credited with bringing jazz to the mainstream in the ’50s and ’60s and releasing the first jazz album to sell over a million copies. His several hundred songs and numerous works provide an extended palette from which to choose.




  1. Unsquare Dance
  2. Three to Get Ready
  3. The Duke
  4. Cassandra
  5. Strange Meadowlark
  6. Who Will Take Care of Me?
  7. It’s a Raggy Waltz
  8. Tokyo Traffic


  1. Take Five
  2. Lost Waltz
  3. Upstage Rhumba
  4. In Your Own Sweet Way
  5. Fast Life
  6. Bluette
  7. Blue Rondo a la Turk