Wynton’s songbook is now available in France

Posted on April 29th, 2009 in Books | Tags: songbook

A new songbook with Wynton’s original compositions is now available in France. The book is entitled: “Wynton Marsalis’ Selection” and features eighteen pieces selected by Wynton himself. The pieces are full score: Trumpet, Saxophone and for the most part Piano, Bass, Drums.
The book is available on Amazon France and Amazon USA

1.Hesitation (1982)
2.Knozz Moe King (1983)
3.Later (1983)
4.Black Codes (1985)
5.Delfeayo’s Dilemma (1985)
6.J Mood (1986)
7.Skain’s Domain (1986)
8.In The Afterglow (1987)
9.Bona & Paul (1991)
10.Indelible & Nocturnal (1991)
11.In the Court of King Oliver (1991)
12.The Seductress (1991)
13.Big Fat Hen (2003)
14.Free To Be (2003)
15.The Magic Hour (2003)
16.Doin’ (Y) Our Thing (2007)
17.These are Those Soulful Days (2007)
18.Where Y’all At (2007)