Wynton’s interview and tribute for victims of Katrina on CBS’ The Early Show

Posted on September 3rd, 2005 in Video | Tags: cbs the early show, hurricane katrina, new orleans, tribute, tv show

Yesterday, Wynton played a tribute for the victims of hurricane Katrina on CBS’ The Early Show. Here is an excerpt of the interview and the full video:

“It’s too much to describe – not just for me, but for New Orleaners all over the world. I think I’ve gotten over 400-something calls in the last two days,” he says.

The calls come from friends who have been in New Orleans and describe a desperate situation; other calls are from friends around the world offering to help in any way they can. 
Marsalis says his parents are fine, but no one there is really OK.

“I know so many people in the city and we are all so connected in New Orleans,” he says. “But we know we have a certain kind of spirit because we are blues people….

You can also download an MP3 file of Wynton’s musical tribute.