Wynton at Colbert Report. Watch the episode

Posted on October 21st, 2008 in TV show, Video | Tags: colbert report, new orleans, tv show, video

Yesterday night Wynton was featured guest at Colbert Report. Following you can watch the full episode.

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Wynton Marsalis
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During the interview, Wynton took one of Stephen’s snide taunts and gave such a beautiful quote, read it now:

Stephen Colbert: I’ve never been our for an entire jazz game…How do you win at jazz? Is there a point system?

Wynton Marsalis: Let me tell you what. When you start to play and you see people jumping up and down in the audience, and hollering and screaming, and wanting to get up on the tables… and then some other people next to them have tears coming out of their eyes and another person is sleeping, and the whole room erupts in a volcano of feeling?

Stephen Colbert: Yep.

Wynton Marsalis: You won.