Wynton and Dr. Ken Mask look to build libraries in the homes of hurricane Katrina victims

Posted on October 6th, 2005 in Books | Tags: education, hurricane katrina, new orleans

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Dr. Ken Mask who runs the non-profit “Books To You“ in New Orleans, turned to close friends and supporters, one being Wynton Marsalis to help restore the precious books that washed away in the Hurricane’s flood. Dr. Mask would like to do more than just restore books.

He and close friend and board member, Wynton, would like to see each home have a library of entertaining, educational and healing books which will uplift the spirits of the children, young adults, adults and elderly affected by this devastating event.

Dr. Mask states, “Two million books distributed to Hurricane victims over the next six months to a year is our goal. It is utopian and ideal, just what New Orleanians need right now.”
Wynton adds, “A library in the home gives each child an exciting and educational place to read. We are rebuilding the soul of those who are resilient and empowering them through books – a sacred tool.”