Video: Rehearsals at Ronnie Scott’s

Posted on August 10th, 2006 in Video | Tags: london, podcast, quintet, ronnie scott's

Finally we have completed the video-editing on digital tapes, and are ready to show you some awesome video-clips about Wynton rehearsing with his quintet at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, on August 2-3 2006.

Enjoy the wonderful playing…Wynton also played the piano and the drums during the rehearsals !

The Magic Hour (1) (13.8 mb)
The Magic Hour (2) (79.3 mb)
The Magic Hour (3) (12.7 mb)
Sophie Rose-Rosalee (50.2 mb)
Skipping (32.6 mb)
Me and You (49.3 mb)
Big Fat Hen (27 mb)
Free to be (25 mb)
Nightlife-Highlife (23.3 mb)

(Quicktime 7 required – Click on the link to open it directly, or right-click to save the clip on your hard disk)

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